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  Tiráž vydává Institut tvůrčí fotografie Slezské univerzity v Opavě, vychází od 23. 06. 2002, ISSN 1214-2913
Redakce Vladimír Birgus, spolupráce Petr Vilgus a Tomáš Pospěch, webmaster David Macháč phpRS.


ke článku: Arkadiusz Gola - Ženy v dole
ze dne 28.01.2010, autor článku: * redakce *

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more info and commentary on john mccain's health care 'plan'

more info and commentary on john mccain's health care 'plan'

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Matthew Stafford could also enter his name into the record books with a big game Sunday. Stafford, who's thrown for 4,695 passing yards, has a chance to become the first player to record 5,000 in backtoback seasons. New Orleans' Drew Brees (4,781) and New England's Tom Brady (4,543) could also get there..In every workplace, there comes a time when you will need to work on projects as a team. For managers who are not used to group work, it can be a challenge to establish a cohesive team. Even for managers who work with teams all the time, it can still be a challenge to get people to work together..

In other words, perhaps colleges draw cheap housing, and cheap housing draws people in poverty.A look at some of the neighborhoods listed as high poverty in Mankato, though, don feel that way to one longtime resident.Bruce Birkemeyer, former copresident of the Highland Park Neighborhood Association, said he doesn notice struggling families with children in his area.the data is sh

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The NFL was encouraged by American TV networks frustrated by CBS's virtual monopoly of baseball coverage in the United States. ABC and NBC both asked the NFL to form a spring football league. The NFL, emboldened by the popularity of its preseason American Bowl games in Britain, decided in the spring of 1989 to form the World League of American Football (WLAF)..Toby Miller: Well there's a mixture, and you make a really good point. When you go back to that period after the Second World War when the two Brooklyn baseball teams in New York, the Dodgers and the Giants, moved to California, the Dodgers to Los Angeles where I live, and the Giants to San Francisco up in the north. That was done because as a consequence of the vast increase in population in California after the war, because all the big military aircraft factories and others were being set up there, so there was lots of manufacturing opportunity, and because people had come back from the war and were given resettlement optio

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Titulek: Extraordinary Olympic games. Some BowlaThonin June might supportc
Annie Boston Red Sox Cars can be a voracious wealth destroyer they burn both gas money.Behind houses, they're a top cause of today's high credit debt levels and inadequate saving.June 10 after police found 29 marijuana plants and growth equipment on his bathroom while conducting an investigation in the area. National Flag Iphone Case But, the truth is, teams got out in transition at approximately the same rate both in years.rtsLIVE VideoRadarset to the peakecastsSatelliteTemperaturesSkyCamsSkyNet CamerasWeather Warntyphoongs/AdvisoriesSign harley-davidson car owners floorboards 5 environment friendly WeatherCallTDOT SmartWay TDOT ReportFrankl CamerasMurfreesboro CamerasTennessee ConditionsKentucky.for the majority of, Having to take 84 golf playing games products throughout Twelve problems, Staying in Eight especially dishes, In

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Last year alone, the NFL produced $9.5 billion in revenue. That's $2 billion more than the $7.5 billion produced by Major League Baseball over the same span and more than the revenue produced by the NCAA ($5.3 billion) and NASCAR ($4.1 billion) combined. Its television revenue is slated to rise from an average of $4 billion a year to $5 billion annually as new contracts kick in.Hank Baskett . Hank Baskett . Boy, that name sounds familiar.

The following industries and companies could see increased revenue from a strong season or could have already been beaten down due to the lockout and may see strong share increases over the next couple of weeks. Fans gather to watch games on the large projection screens at the restaurants, cheering on their favorite teams while enjoying chicken wings and a large selection of draft beers. Buffalo Wild Wings is also a popular place to host fantasy football drafts.Andrew Luck's solid rookie season with the Indianapolis Colts almost was overs

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When I contacted the credit card company yesterday to bring them in to the loop, I was told that they would not be paying back any monies as the time had run out! CAA told me I had done the right thing by claiming through

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"A lot of people were saying that I'm not supportive of Kerry and I'm not asking him for advice. I don't know why that's been going around, but that's my man, that's my guy," Young said. "We have a lot of respect for each other and not just football.Now that not to say you can find Coyotes merchandise if you go looking for it; but that wasn my intent. I was trying to see if the branding of the NHL was making it into the mainstream here in Phoenix like the NFL, NBA, and MLB. You can swing a dead cat without whacking someone in an NFL sweatshirt, yet you rarely see anyone wearing NHL clothing.

BRISTOL, Conn. (AP) A man arrested in Connecticut in connection with the murder case against former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez was being sent to Massachusetts on Friday, and investigators said a third suspect was arrested in south Florida.New Britain State attorney said investigators arrested the 27yearold Ortiz in Bristol on Wednesday as part of the

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Allen hit back, declaring: "I ruled him out of the convention this year from standing as coaching officer because he wasn't a fully paidup member of a club. The county committee wouldn't have been properly constituted and would have been open to challenge, and I ruled him out on that basis there is no record in Pairc Tailteann of him being paidup to Walterstown. His membership has only kicked in.".The ASSET bill (SB15), or Advancing Students for a Stronger Economy Tomorrow, would provide discounted tuition that is not as affordable as instate tuition, but not as expensive as outofstate tuition if the student who is an undocumented immigrant provides proof that they are seeking legal status. The discounted rate would only be available to students that attended at least three or more years of a Colorado high school and graduated or obtained a GED. Within 12 months of graduation or obtaining their GED, the student must then apply and be accepted into one of Colorado's colle

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Titulek: at the today Five 1/2 backside for firstplace Boston after having landed
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"We beat Seattle those two times my first year with the Niners because I gave them the entire offensive playbook," Dilfer said. "I was calling out the plays before they happened. Holmgren hasn't forgiven me to this day.SM: I think that's something that you can say with MS Dhoni. I think he is a very good student of conditions prevailing at the time. I think he reads the pitch very well, he reads the situation as far as how the ball is behaving and what his bowlers are capable off.

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This failure to include employees results in behavior that can damage profitability directly. Poor morale can lead to passive sabotage in the form of reduced productivity, shoddy workmanship and quality control and increased absenteeism. At its worst, unhappy employees can and do engage in behavior that deliberately hurts the company, such as an employee who shares information about a corporate problem.General manager Phil Emery said Wednesday that the team couldn't agree on a contract with Urlacher, for years the heart and face of the franchise. He is now a free agent after being slowed by a knee problem and then missing the last four games of the season with a hamstring injury. "We were unable to reach an agreement with Brian and both sides have decided to move forward," Emery said in a statement.

The Giants' best drive came late in the half. Manning sandwiched passes of 20 yards to Jerrel Jernigan and 34 to Nicks around a 23yard pass interference penalty again

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NOTES: Walpole would be the home team and wear its blue jerseys while DennisYarmouth will wear white. Both teams are back in the postseason after falling within the semifinals a year ago, DY lost to Duxbury 197 inside a Div. 2A semifinal while Walpole fell 280 to Mansfield inside a Div.
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Titulek: NEYMAR Argentina don't succeedter Waterfield finished 4th.
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Titulek: the very first beginner via Texas for you to attain AllAmerica recogn
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Titulek: or simply this woman is building move forward in direction of university along w
Jonathan nba basketball jerseys The small glass particles may also cut your skin layer.Eventually his column, "The Style Guy," migrated to the permanent home at GQ magazine, where O dispenses wellhoned knowledge on matters which ranges from how to throw a party (a diverse guest list is a must), coordinating a wardrobe for one trip to Bermuda (pack more clothes on the cheap dressing), or whether it is appropriate make use of flipflops in public (never). cheap nba jerseys from china The Nike Best brand certainly is the closest to what specifically your favorite online players wear, having a nice high strength, stretch resistant material which doesn't only have you several years of wear, but motivate you to bypass any opposing team attempts to corral you.Assume nothing, and initiate from the basics. nba basketball jerseys You will find

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Titulek: Exceptional Olympics This year's Country's Tennis game Championships wisconsin
Leo New England Patriots Jersey I made a huge mess looking to slice three perfect pieces.The limbs are flimsy and also legs kept falling.However, none of them three really had PT challenges though, and Penny Hardaway was so crafty he could play any position on the floor (basically as a far more talented Wesley Witherspoon). Final clear out Cheap Canadiens Patrick Holland Kids Jerseys outlet on sale now Without immediate protection among all remaining old growth, and aggressive recruitment of old grow.Become some sheets of parchment by crumpling up some normal printer paper, uncrumpling it, and soaking it in regular tea overnight.This is simply not about a picture anymore, Spies wrote on her behalf Facebook page. Move on, Cheap Oilers Ju

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Titulek: flat streets. This mean these products accept as true with your bookies in which
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Titulek: pposite an individual). Using every one describes when there is nearly
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Titulek: Office" along with "Friday Evening time Signals," NBC continually
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Titulek: A bitter winter Olympic games on Vancouver, British Columnted.
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Titulek: eb is having access to any particular software package program na
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Titulek: sh hit understory."The school's extremely jacked in place,
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Titulek: rs, melted provolone mozzarella dairy product, arena green veggies not to mentio
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Titulek: Young drivers . served being a medicaade provided by reusable containers.
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Titulek: ion the fact that they have to get his / her purpose represe
Annie New York Mets And Pete Peterson are going to be there, whenever the election ends, that will push Washington to take care of The Deficit.Just remember to make the briefing worth their time or it will back fire done to you.Not that hard really, just need to ensure you paint a compelling picture around why their readers/viewers has to be interested in your organization and reinforce you'll keep them posted as new news emerges (just within a compliant manner). cheap Baseball jerseys Earlier with the week, the Taylor situation was addressed by detailing the structure and placement of memorial patches teams wore in their helmets.It is time saving whilst you don't have to enter your shipping details frequently.Kamara scored his first goal for the halfvolley in the 28th minute making it it 20 with the 34th on a header off a cross from Roger Espinoza.
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Titulek: burberry handbags two adults and two children also in the truck were injured
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Titulek: handbags is a type of party where guests dress up in a costume
Thirtyeight per cent plan to finish two weeks before Christmas, while 26 per cent plan to finish one week ahead of time.The building of our tenth school will symbolically celebrate the tenth year of our presence in the country.Its glamour and attractiveness linger in people's mind..As a society we tend to make this happen for many issues.Maxx, Winners and Marshall's stores which trades at 18 times earnings..michael kors black Friday sale
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Titulek: bags usa we are hearing the countdown as the tower goes down
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Titulek: bags usa they have had this type of lining since their creation
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Exposure to different principles of nutrition and different types of exercise can help us each achieve our own optimal levels of fitness and happiness.The old saying, "People take on the character of the costume," isn't a myth.Really unfortunate some fans feel like it a night club here, he said.If you''re more of the petite and voluptuous type, get a handbag that is long and sleek..Um, ok, if your definition of a great guy is one who lies to the county DA and FBI investigators, one who advocates and votes for multimillion dollar contracts for his "friends", one who bullies staff and fellow council members.michael kors outlet
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