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Head - Non-head / Body - Non-body / City - Non-city

At the time when a quarter of a new decade has passed, in the development of photography the continually growing tendencies to relinquish traditional genres and use the media and approaches blurring the boundaries between photography and visual art are observed in general. These approaches reveal themselves markedly in leaving off two-dimensional enframed photograph, or even the very essence of "record by light" and the more and more frequent utilization of digital cameras. Looking back at the relatively little evaluated Slovak photographic creation since the mid-1990s until present time should bring a more erudite view of the displays of the above-mentioned phenomena, connected with the change of photographic viewing during the last ten years in our country. Reflection on the specific features of young Slovak photography through of a free choice of the works by the most distinctive authors among the graduates of VŠVU (Academy of Fine Arts and Design), VŠMU (Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts) in Bratislava and ITF (Institute for Creative Photogra-phy) in Opava (Czech republic) requires to outline a corresponding context and clarify certain developmental relations.

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