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19th Month of Photography in Bratislava, Galéria Artotéka, Kapucínska 1, Bratislava, November 6-30, 2009

Barbora Žůrková and Radim Žůrek have recently made a vibrant and significant appearance at the Czech photographic scene. Today, along with Dita Pepe, Barbora Kuklíková, Radeq Brousil, Štěpánka Stein with Salim Issa, Kateřina Držková, Jan Faukner, Barbora Bálková, Tereza Vlčková and others, they belong to those young Czech photographers who have succeeded in precisely addressing topical creative tendencies and creating clear-cut, conceptually stable, unique, visually strong and technically perfect works that reach out to a wide audience. Similarly to most of the above mentioned photographers, the Žůreks are not afraid to come to a fusion of the „fine“ and „degraded“ arts and  look for inspiration outside of the ghetto of traditional photography in film, music, literature, visual art as well as in fashion or advertizing. Alike a growing number of young artists, they masterly handle possibilities offered by digital manipulation with photographic images. Instead of  traditional capturing the real world and its inhabitants which prevailed in photography for the first hundred and fifty years of its existence, they create pictures belonging to a non-existent world and artificially made people, a world in which the reality and fiction can no longer be told apart. Although, nowadays, photography has lost its aura of trueness, which it actually never fully bore before, it  has become unlimited means to portraying visions that don’t depend on concrete objects.

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